What sort of chair is best for a height adjustable desk?

Although you can use standard office chairs with a height adjustable desk they can be a bit limiting when working at higher levels such as a semi-standing position. The reason for this is the standard gas lift they come with won’t rise sufficiently to allow you to work in this way.

Let’s take a look at several different types of chair which will all work well for higher work surface positions.

Muvman Stool

using Muvman

Sitting in Muvman

Although the Muvman has a fixed base, it provides a huge range of movement for the user.

This enables you to move from left to right as well as front to back.

Its wide ranging height adjustability makes it an excellent choice.

It can handle anything from sitting at conventional desk height through to perching when your adjustable height desk is raised.

The stool is light enough to carry should you need to. Once seated you will feel very secure on this seat.

Varier Move Chair

move chair

Varier Move Chair

Next, another excellent choice is Varier’s Move chair.

It also is great for semi-standing work due to the huge range of its height adjustability.

The intelligently shaped triangular seat pad makes it great for perching on when working in a half standing posture.

The seat’s slightly raised corners help make it very stable in use.

HÅG Capisco Chair

hag capisco

HAG Capisco

One of the best options is HÅG’s Capisco chair it has two great benefits.

First, it has the increased height adjustability needed for semi-standing work.

Second, it has a saddle shaped seat and this gives superior support when working at higher surfaces.

It looks a bit odd, however users swear by it for the added comfort it brings.


Bambach Saddle Seat

Bambach Saddle Seat

The Bambach saddle seat is aptly named because the seat is designed to closely mimic a horse saddle. This shape sets the user’s legs a lot wider apart than normally found with standard chairs. Sitting this way has two distinct benefits.

First it gives great stability as legs and chair form a triangular shape making it easy to use the feet to move about the work area.

Second the seat angle adjusts allowing individual users to find a most comfortable position for them to work in.

All in all the Bambach is a great chair for height adjustable desk work.

Varier Wing Kneeling Chair

wing chair

Varier Wing Chair

You could make an even more radical move and look at Varier’s Wing kneeling chair.

This way of working places the body in a much healthier posture compared with conventional sitting.

It opens up the body’s angles and also has springing built in so when you sit on it yields slightly removing the harshness you can experience with many chairs.


swopper stool

Swopper Stool

Swopper Stool

Lastly, and probably the most different of all is the Swopper stool. It’s rather like sitting on a seat which moves forwards and is controlled by your body’s weight and feet to stabilize your position. Although it takes some getting used to it definitely has advantages for sit stand working.

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