Review Of Safco Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Workstation Model 1929

safco standing desk

Safco Muv Adjustable Workstation

This workstation from Safco isn’t a truly adjustable height desk.

It’s really an adjustable standing desk so you need to be aware of its limitations.

With that said it definitely has its place in the right circumstances.

It falls into the category of a set up height adjustable desk.

In other words when you assemble it you are able to set it up to suit your personal preferences when standing to work.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is completely happy about standing to work instead of sitting will find this Safco desk is worth considering. Alternatively if you have the room it can be used as a separate desk for when you choose to stand to work. So you retain your existing desk and chair for sitting and alternate between this and the Safco.

It does offer a good range of height adjustability which makes is suitable for short, average and tall users.

So let’s take a closer look at this adjustable height stand-up workstation.

What’s different about the Safco?

As previously stated this is a set up height adjustable desk which allows you to vary the top height at 1 inch increments. So you need to fix the top at a comfortable working height for you. You may need to experiment to get things just right. As a rough starting point, when standing measure from floor to elbow and use this dimension to begin with.

Below the top is a pull out keyboard tray and this is height adjustable too over a range of about 6 inches. There is a lower shelf which could be used for printer or maybe a scanner.

The work surfaces aren’t very big. The top measures 29.50 inches by 19.75 inches so you need to make sure whatever you need on your desktop will fit. Also the keyboard tray is narrower than the top.

The good news is this adjustable height standing desk costs less than $250 which makes it readily affordable.

User feedback from Amazon

Here are some recent customer review comments from Amazon.

“I spent a lot of time looking for stand-up tables and I was unable to find an adjustable height one for a total price of under $1000. I was about to give up when I found this table and I must say it is awesome.”

“This is a very solid standing desk. When assembled, the entire thing feels very sturdy. No wiggly or wobbly bits at all.”

“I purchased this for work and love it. I have sat at my desk for 8 hours a day for the past 10 years. It was time for a change.”

You can also read over 60 Amazon buyers’ experiences with this desk.

Technical details

The Safco 1929 adjustable height stand-up work desk is height adjustable between 35 and 49 inches and adjusts on 1 inch increments. Overall it measures 29.50 inches wide by 22 inches deep by between 35 inches and 49 inches high.

The keyboard shelf is 22.75 inches wide by 13.50 inches deep and extends out 9.75 inches as well as being fully retractable when not in use.

The top is designed to support 100lbs and the keyboard tray will carry 25lbs. The unit is mobile and is fitted with casters two of which are lockable.

The Muv comes with either Cherry melamine laminate work surfaces and dark grey frame or light grey melamine laminate and light grey frame.

The product has a 5 year warranty.

Overall opinion

Safco’s Muv adjustable height stand-up workstation offers great value for money as an adjustable height standing desk provided you recognize its limitations. First, once assembled it is effectively a fixed height standing desk, albeit set to the right height for the user. Second, the work surface is fairly small so won’t suit those needing lots of desk space.

Where it makes more sense is using it as an addition to an existing desk and chair set up allowing you to both sit and stand to work. The workstation is sturdily constructed and reasonably straightforward to assemble.

Where to buy online

Check out Amazon for the Safco Muv stand-up adjustable height workstation in both the 1929CY cherry and 1929GR light grey versions.