Review Of MultiTable Crank Height Adjustable Table

MultiTable is a very flexible adjustable height desk where you can buy just the frame or the complete frame and top. It is sturdily built and straightforward to assemble.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs a custom sized height adjustable desk will find the MultiTable crank height adjustable table is a great solution.

multitable modtable

MultiTable Crank Height Adjustable Desk Frame

These tables are offered in 4 different versions small, medium, large and extra large.

What’s more if you’re looking to save money you can always buy the frame and use it with one of IKEA’s many desk tops.

However, unlike many desks it’s possible to buy just the framework and add your own top.

This means you can make you own purpose sized desk if the space you have isn’t suitable for standard table modules. It’s possible to create a custom desk anywhere from 40 ins wide x 24 ins deep up to 72 ins wide by 29 ins deep.

multitable table

MultiTable Crank Height Adjustable Desk Frame

The small table is ideal for a small office or apartment.

It’s also ideal as a stand alone table for use alongside an existing desk.

It’s height adjustability range makes it suitable for most users whether tall, short or of average build.

Let’s look at how it differs to other crank height adjustable desks.

What makes the MultiTable different?

As already pointed out the frame is readily customizable and it’s pretty easy to do. Assembly of the desk is straightforward as all the relevant components are pre-drilled or part assembled for ease of building. It has channel section feet onto which the box section legs fix. The legs have an outer and inner component to allow easy height adjustment.

The other end of the legs are supplied with the top supporting crossbars and gearbox ready fitted. These crossbar supports act as a center support to the top as well as enclosing the gearbox height adjuster mechanism and drive. The legs are then placed across from each other and the drive shaft connecting the legs and gearbox is fitted.

The next part of the frame assembly is where the ease of customizing the width comes into play. This is achieved by connecting the top supporting crossbar angles to a further pair of center adjustable crossbar angles. These are pre-drilled with multiple fixing holes making it quick and easy to set up your desk’s width.

Once the basic frame is built each end is fitted with a front to back angle to support the ends of the top. Finally, the crank handle height adjuster plugs in on the right hand side. Unlike a lot of crank adjustable desks the gearing makes it easy to move the top up and down even when the work surface has equipment on it.

It takes about 2 handle turns to move the top an inch and approximately 15 seconds to cover the entire height adjustability range. This means you aren’t turning the handle forever and its speed of adjustment compares favorably with an electric desk, which is impressive.

And no need to worry about banging into the crank handle as it folds neatly underneath the top. Not only that it can also be completely removed if you prefer.

User feedback from Amazon

Here are some recent customer review comments from Amazon.

“I LOVE the desk and recommend it to anyone who wants a sturdy, inexpensive and good-looking adjustable work surface.”

“This table base is spectacular. SOLID construction.”

“This desk is an excellent value and a well crafted sturdy product. It’s beautiful.”

Here’s where you can read over 110 user reviews from Amazon

Technical Details

The ModTable frame is supplied in a single size designed to be built to the user’s desired width. Frames come finished in black, white or silver. Once assembled the desk height adjusts anywhere between 27.5 and 47 inches.

If bought as a complete desk(frame and top), the different sizes available are as follows:

  • Small Top: 40 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 3/4 inch thick
  • Medium Top: 48 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 3/4 inch thick
  • Large Top: 57 inches wide x 29 inches deep x 3/4 inch thick
  • Extra Large Top: 72 inches wide x 29 inches deep x 3/4 inch thick

The supplied tops come in high pressure laminate finished in either white, black, brown of maple.

The weight limit of the desk varies depending on the size and weight of top used.

Here are the weight limits of what you can have on your assembled work surface:

  • Small top – 130lbs
  • Medium top – 102lbs
  • Large top – 90lbs
  • Extra large top – 77lbs


MultiTable crank height adjustable desks carry a 2 year warranty on moving parts and 5 year warranty on all steel components.

Overall opinion

The MultiTable desk is a well engineered product making working at different heights easy. The crank adjustability is responsive and is quick to adjust compared to many other crank operated desks. When used with an extra large top the weight capacity is a little limited at 77lbs so care needs to be taken to make sure what you plan to have on your work surface won’t exceed this limit.

The 2 year warranty on moving parts is not over generous. However there doesn’t seem to be issues or serious problems with the product and the build quality suggests it should last many years with careful use. All in all the MultiTable crank height adjustable desk offers excellent value for money.

Where to buy online

Amazon offers the ModTable as frame only or frame with top versions. All options include a 30 day return period.