Height Adjustable Desks
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meI’m Duncan MacIntyre and I have spent over 30 years in the office furniture business. This site is all about height adjustable desks and tables and the benefits you can gain from this health boosting way of working, and information on the different types of moving top workstation.


Jarvis Desk With Monitor Arm

Sitting all day is unhealthy. Sit stand working gets vital movement back into your body and muscles. You will also find it keeps your mind more active and alert too.


Here’s an article explaining the health benefits of adjustable workstations.

They come in various different formats and if you are new to this way of working here’s where to find a quick overview of sit stand desks covering the key details on each type.

Alternatively, you can find more about specific sorts of adjustable height desk by following the links below:

We take a detailed look at how each specific type works. Explaining both the advantages and disadvantages of that particular form and what it is best suited for.

So if you’re wondering about the merits of this way of working a good place to start is by checking the advantages of adjustable workstations over static desks.